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New IPCC economic models

An arti­cle from Forbes Mag­a­zine on the IPCC’s lat­est “socio-eco­nom­ic mod­el­ling” of emis­sion and growth sce­nar­ios has attract­ed a lot of atten­tion because it claims the IPCC now shows that… The high­est eco­nom­ic growth mod­el leads to the low­est lev­el of emis­sions con­sid­ered. Less eco­nom­ic growth leads to high­er emis­sions. Extract from Forbes But the […]

Smoking and climate change

Mal­colm Turn­bull, in a recent speech invent­ed a para­ble about a fool­hardy smok­er to illus­trate his claim that con­test­ing the views of the “best sci­en­tists” on man-made cli­­mate-change is an “attack on sci­ence”. But does this para­ble make sense? Should we con­sid­er the the claimed “con­sen­sus” of sci­ence-pol­i­­cy bod­ies on dan­ger­ous glob­al warm­ing to be […]

Treasury’s advocacy of a CO2 tax

One thing on which I agree with Julia Gillard is the poor qual­i­ty of many jour­nal­ists’ analy­sis of her pro­pos­als. But when you cram jour­nal­ists with non­sense, you must expect some of them to regur­gi­tate it from time to time. “In the­o­ry, this is an inge­nious mod­el for adapt­ing our fos­sil fuel econ­o­my to glob­al […]

Why shoot elephants?

It’s the most effec­tive way to kill them. Any game-keep­­er will tell you that. Just as any econ­o­mist will tell you that the most effec­tive way to con­trol obnox­ious behav­iour, like pol­lut­ing the riv­er, or just unde­sir­able behav­iour, like dri­ving your car into the city, is to tax it. Are there alter­na­tives to shoot­ing? Yes, […]

The “clean energy” hustle

Some aspects of the Prime Minister’s advo­ca­cy for her coal tax are, at best, mis­lead­ing: a wedge for the much greater costs implied by the Labor/Greens agen­da. She says: “Putting a price on car­bon will dri­ve inno­va­tion and invest­ment in clean ener­gy tech­nol­o­gy, mov­ing pro­duc­tion towards less pol­lu­­tion-inten­­sive process­es.” But that is far from the […]

When is “reform” not a reform?

No doubt Ms Gillard will assure us, next Sun­day when she announces the coal tax she has agreed with the Greens and two “inde­pen­dents”, that this is a “reform” that will secure a bet­ter eco­nom­ic future for Aus­tralia. But a “reform” is no reform when… It is not adapt­ed to its pur­pose: The Gillard-Brown coal […]

It’s the politics (stupid)!

If his­to­ry has rules, one must be that inter­est smoth­ers con­cept (and eats its lunch). The polit­i­cal chal­lenges of imple­ment­ing any big, dis­rup­tive tech­nol­o­gy on a large scale inevitably deflate the hopes of tech­no­log­i­cal opti­mists. The com­mer­cial chal­lenges track close­ly behind. This is why, if for no tech­ni­cal rea­son, the pro­jec­tions in Treasury’s 2008 ETS […]