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New IPCC economic models

An article from Forbes Magazine on the IPCC’s latest “socio-economic modelling” of emission and growth scenarios has attracted a lot of attention because it claims the IPCC now shows that… The highest economic growth model leads to the lowest level of emissions considered. Less economic growth leads to higher emissions. Extract from Forbes But the […]

Smoking and climate change

Malcolm Turnbull, in a recent speech invented a parable about a foolhardy smoker to illustrate his claim that contesting the views of the “best scientists” on man-made climate-change is an “attack on science”. But does this parable make sense? Should we consider the the claimed “consensus” of science-policy bodies on dangerous global warming to be […]

Treasury’s advocacy of a CO2 tax

One thing on which I agree with Julia Gillard is the poor quality of many journalists’ analysis of her proposals. But when you cram journalists with nonsense, you must expect some of them to regurgitate it from time to time. “In theory, this is an ingenious model for adapting our fossil fuel economy to global […]

Why shoot elephants?

It’s the most effective way to kill them. Any game-keeper will tell you that. Just as any economist will tell you that the most effective way to control obnoxious behaviour, like polluting the river, or just undesirable behaviour, like driving your car into the city, is to tax it. Are there alternatives to shooting? Yes, […]

The “clean energy” hustle

Some aspects of the Prime Minister’s advocacy for her coal tax are, at best, misleading: a wedge for the much greater costs implied by the Labor/Greens agenda. She says: “Putting a price on carbon will drive innovation and investment in clean energy technology, moving production towards less pollution-intensive processes.” But that is far from the […]

When is “reform” not a reform?

No doubt Ms Gillard will assure us, next Sunday when she announces the coal tax she has agreed with the Greens and two “independents”, that this is a “reform” that will secure a better economic future for Australia. But a “reform” is no reform when… It is not adapted to its purpose: The Gillard-Brown coal […]

It’s the politics (stupid)!

If history has rules, one must be that interest smothers concept (and eats its lunch). The political challenges of implementing any big, disruptive technology on a large scale inevitably deflate the hopes of technological optimists. The commercial challenges track closely behind. This is why, if for no technical reason, the projections in Treasury’s 2008 ETS […]