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Eminent call-girls

Aaargh! Yet anoth­er knee-jerk call in the Finan­cial Times for “wise” men (and women) to guide WTO out of it’s slough. Third, in lieu of the WTO min­is­te­r­i­al, a group of emi­nent peo­ple should be appoint­ed with the task find­ing a way out of the cur­rent dol­drums and out­lin­ing future cours­es of action. The head […]

Invisible magic

The hall­mark of glob­al eco­nom­ic inte­gra­tion is the smear­ing of ori­gin. Most of the inter­est­ing things we import com­prise com­po­nent parts or oth­er inputs from a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent coun­tries. The whole world is wealth­i­er in large part because mil­lions of unseen mar­kets spread around the globe coor­di­nate this com­plex­i­ty for us, invis­i­bly, speed­i­ly and […]

The future of longevity

While there is so lit­tle activ­i­ty on trade agree­ments or nego­ti­a­tions and only promis­es of inno­va­tion in trade pol­i­cy, I’ve been pay­ing clos­er atten­tion to oth­er things. Demog­ra­phy, of course, and in this case epi­demi­ol­o­gy. It took twen­ty thou­sand cen­turies for life-expectan­­cy to dou­ble. But it grew by as much again in just one cen­tu­ry […]

The world is not flat

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The World Devel­op­ment Report 2009 is a won­der­ful excur­sion through eco­nom­ic geog­ra­phy: with some inter­est­ing back­ground papers too (like this from Mar­ius Brul­hart on trends in intra-indus­try trade since 1960)

Sub-prime not a failure of ‘globalization’

I not­ed my dis­agree­ment with Dani Rodrik’s view that the ‘sub-prime’ loans cri­sis sig­nalled a fail­ure of inter­na­tion­al coor­di­na­tion in finan­cial mar­ket reg­u­la­tion. Here’s an his­to­ri­an of the Fed­er­al Reserve who more accu­rate­ly iden­ti­fies the ori­gins of the cri­sis.

So what can tax­pay­ers expect from an increase in the Fed’s dis­cre­tionary author­i­ty over invest­ment banks? The like­ly answer is res­cues, delays and lax super­vi­sion – fol­lowed by tax­pay­er-financed bailouts.”  extract from: Allan Meltzer in the WSJ

Borders matter

One of the cen­tral con­tentions of my book Glob­al Trade Advo­cate is that bor­ders have grown in impor­tance as a con­se­quence of the eco­nom­ic process­es accom­pa­ny­ing the appar­ent­ly bor­der-eras­ing process of glob­al­iza­tion. Here’s con­fir­ma­tion from the CIA Some­thing there is that loves a wall, per­haps. But the rea­sons are not always that admirable. “Stretch­ing over […]

Optimists on WTO: now there are two of us

A long-time cam­paign­er for Green­peace (Chair­man of Green­peace South East Asia), ‘social jus­tice’ advo­cate, and mem­ber of the ICTSD Board, Walden­Bel­lo has can­ni­ly iden­ti­fied nego­ti­a­tions on Mode 4 (move­ment of labor) in the Ser­vices nego­ti­a­tions and the USA/EC wran­gle over the ‘Blue Box’ in the Agri­cul­ture nego­ti­a­tions as hold­ing keys that could unlock con­ver­gence … […]