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Eminent call-girls

Aaargh! Yet another knee-jerk call in the Financial Times for “wise” men (and women) to guide WTO out of it’s slough. Third, in lieu of the WTO ministerial, a group of eminent people should be appointed with the task finding a way out of the current doldrums and outlining future courses of action. The head […]

Invisible magic

The hallmark of global economic integration is the smearing of origin. Most of the interesting things we import comprise component parts or other inputs from a variety of different countries. The whole world is wealthier in large part because millions of unseen markets spread around the globe coordinate this complexity for us, invisibly, speedily and […]

The future of longevity

While there is so little activity on trade agreements or negotiations and only promises of innovation in trade policy, I’ve been paying closer attention to other things. Demography, of course, and in this case epidemiology. It took twenty thousand centuries for life-expectancy to double. But it grew by as much again in just one century […]

The world is not flat

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The World Development Report 2009 is a wonderful excursion through economic geography: with some interesting background papers too (like this from Marius Brulhart on trends in intra-industry trade since 1960)

Sub-prime not a failure of ‘globalization’

I noted my disagreement with Dani Rodrik’s view that the ‘sub-prime’ loans crisis signalled a failure of international coordination in financial market regulation. Here’s an historian of the Federal Reserve who more accurately identifies the origins of the crisis.

“So what can taxpayers expect from an increase in the Fed’s discretionary authority over investment banks? The likely answer is rescues, delays and lax supervision – followed by taxpayer-financed bailouts.”  extract from: Allan Meltzer in the WSJ

Borders matter

One of the central contentions of my book Global Trade Advocate is that borders have grown in importance as a consequence of the economic processes accompanying the apparently border-erasing process of globalization. Here’s confirmation from the CIA Something there is that loves a wall, perhaps. But the reasons are not always that admirable. “Stretching over […]

Optimists on WTO: now there are two of us

A long-time campaigner for Greenpeace (Chairman of Greenpeace South East Asia), ‘social justice’ advocate, and member of the ICTSD Board, WaldenBello has cannily identified negotiations on Mode 4 (movement of labor) in the Services negotiations and the USA/EC wrangle over the ‘Blue Box’ in the Agriculture negotiations as holding keys that could unlock convergence … […]