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Governed by the gutless?

Alan Beattie’s new booklet “Who’s in Charge Here” (Amazon) is an amusing, accurate, accessible account of the current mess in global financial and trade “governance.” Well worth the $3 price. But he draws a “lesson” from his little history of the crises of 2008-2011 that I find un-satisfying. Who’s in Charge Here is a valuable […]

Davos dribbles

What a world of blather, the Davos meeting must be. The corporate chattering classes titilating themselves with scary, fuzzy, big-picture boogaloo. Clever talk and a few good dinners musing about issues they guess are complex, looming, and someone else’s problem (tomorrow) must console them for the rest of the year when they have to deal […]

A bearish view of global governance

If there were a ratings agency for the credibility of “global governance” institutions, the WTO’s would have been downgraded to a “B” at best[1] after the collapse of the Doha Round negotiations. The triple crown of benign global governance — a prosperous, well-regulated global “commons,” the sovereignty of nation-states and the assent of the governed […]