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That High Court decision

The Prime Minister is “deeply disappointed” with the decision on the plan to send Christmas Island arrivals to Malaysia. Understandable; it’s not a good look for her government. But is Paul Kelly in the Australian right to argue that the decision was ill-made and an “unjustified” interference in foreign policy? This is certainly an “intrusive” […]

Big tobacco bites back

The Gillard government’s plain packaging for cigarettes legislation is discomforting even for those who have no patience with the huge and unnecessary costs that tobacco use imposes on the Australian public health system.It looks like another piece of heavy-handed, “go for the jugular” government regulation (like the appalling NBN, the carbon tax and the blanket […]

French internet law blocked, for now

In a coup de théâtre, the opponents of the internet surveillance bill managed to block it in the Senate on 9 April. But not for long, it seems:

“L’UMP semble vouloir effacer cet affront en faisant revoter au plus vite le projet de loi. ‘Le vote négatif de l’Assemblée nationale retarde l’adoption du texte, ça ne le bloque pas. On va repasser le texte avec une lecture à l’Assemblée et une lecture au Sénat avec un vote conforme’ dans les deux Chambres, a déclaré Roger Karoutchi, le secrétaire d’Etat aux relations avec le Parlement. ‘Ce texte sera de toute manière bien sûr voté. On le fera à la rentrée des vacances parlementaires’ de Pâques.” Extract from Le Monde

"The UMP [President Sarkozy's center-right majority party] appears to want to erase this setback by sending the bill back to a vote as soon as possible. 'The negative vote in the Assembly slows the adoption of the text, but doesn't stop it. We will resubmit the text with a (full) reading of the bill in both the Assembly and the Senate and a line vote in both chambers' declared Roger Karoutchi, the Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations. 'This text will absolutely be voted on. We'll do it as soon as Parliament returns from its Easter break'."

Piracy and privacy

Although the governments negotiating the ACTA treaty deny that it will propose sanctions for personal copyright violation, there’s an increasing supply of that sort of thing, from those same governments.

The French Assemblée Nationale is today expected to adopt a uniquely invasive measure authorizing a ‘High Authority’ to monitor the Internet use of individuals for copyright violation.

“The law empowers music and film industry associations to hire companies to analyze the downloads of individual users to detect piracy, and to report violations to a new agency overseeing copyright protection. The agency would be authorized to trace the illegal downloads back to individuals using the downloading computer’s unique identification number, known as its Internet Protocol, or IP, address, which the Internet service providers have on record” Extract from the NY Times


p>As many commenters in the press have already pointed out, the majority of users have only passive IP-allocation from their ISPs. So, for the majority of users, the IP address is not a secure identifier. Furthermore, the biggest bit-torrent (‘p-to-p’) suppliers are now moving to offer <a href=”http://arstechnica.com/telecom/news/2009/03/the-pirate-bay-to-roll-out-secure-vpn-service.ars” title=”The Pirate Bay to roll out secure