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It’s the politics (stupid)!

If history has rules, one must be that interest smothers concept (and eats its lunch). The political challenges of implementing any big, disruptive technology on a large scale inevitably deflate the hopes of technological optimists. The commercial challenges track closely behind. This is why, if for no technical reason, the projections in Treasury’s 2008 ETS […]

Sounds good, but…

The current Labor government, unlike the Hawke governments, seems bent on announcing major public policies as faits accomplis and consulting on the rationale and implementation only afterwards…if at all. “Trade Minister Craig Emerson, who was Bob Hawke’s economic adviser, will announce the new [trade] policy today. It follows debate within Labor about how to tackle […]

Climate ambush arrives

The Prime Minister’s announcement today that, contrary to the position she adopted before the election, she has decided to commission a recommendation on a carbon price as an “economic reform” (sic) intended to address “carbon pollution” is adevice to allow her Green allies to pursue their climate change agenda in disguise. She is breaking the […]

Academy of alarm

What does the Australian Academy of science think their role should be? To inform or to frighten? To elucidate public policy issues from a scientific viewpoint? Or to indulge themselves in scaremongering so unsupported by facts that it borders on irresponsible? Their latest climate-alarm pamphlet contains appalling rubbish, including claims that the world will warm […]

A climate ambush

When she took power, Julia Gillard said she wanted a national conversation and ‘deep community consensus’ about climate change. What she has given us, instead, is an election campaign that is, by its nature, guaranteed to produce neither. “I was concerned that if you were going to do something as big to your economy as […]

Revisiting the climate evidence

Julia Gillard’s determination as Prime Minister to revisit the debate about an Australian response to the potential dangers of climate change calls for a review of the evidence to ensure that any response is proportionate and effective. In my view, the relevant data show less and less reason to attribute recent warming to human activities […]

Forward to the past with the NBN

Although details are still sketchy, Henry Ergas points out that in one of his last acts, Rudd apparently saddled us with a return to a government-sanctioned oligopoly at the heart of our telecommunications market. Worse still, it will be taxpayer-funded. “Central to those outcomes is the heads of agreement, which has two basic components. A […]