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Illustrated USDA economic research

This should be fun. Unfortunately the ‘interactive’ version loads slowly and has ‘panes’ that make it difficult to view the info-graphics. The (16.8mb!) downloadable version may be better. But the download crawled, so I gave up.

“This book contains a sampling of recent ERS research illustrating the breadth of the Agency’s research on current policy issues: from biofuels to food consumption to land conservation to patterns of trade for agricultural products” Extract from the introduction to the ‘Illustrated Guide’ by the USDA’s Economic Research Service

Teachers’ kits on WTO – Keeping the peace

Exercise from Keeping the Peace

The final installment (for now) of my Teachers Kits on WTO, designed to help teachers in junior, middle and high schools deliver classes on WTO as part of, for example, a civics curriculum. The kits were commissioned by the WTO.

This installment concerns WTO dispute settlement: a subject that might be too advanced for junior school, so this kit contains class materials only for middle and high schools. As usual, class exercises are included, too. There is a full set of teachers’ notes that will help you to develop the lessons and provide some additional material (as well as the solutions to the exercises).


p>Earlier parts of this series covered the origins of the GATT/WTO trading system and <a href=”http://www.petergallagher.com.au/index.php/site/article/Teachers-Kit-on-WTO-Trade-in-Goods/” title=”Peter Gallagher | Teacher

Spring-time for state captialists

It’s much more than Rio and Oz Minerals. Now China is securing a 20-year supply from the stumbling Russian oil industry.

“The deal, the largest trade financing agreement between the two countries, alleviates the massive refinancing needs of Russia’s two state energy giants as they seek to weather the credit crisis with the country facing its first recession in 10 years. It will also provide China, the world’s number two oil importer, with an important new secured supply of oil to fuel economic growth.” Extract from Financial Times

China is on a shopping spree, taking advantage of an historical opportunity; its strong and strengthening external balances and the plunge in commodity prices. Yes, you read that right… while the rest of the world struggles to maintain it’s trade grip, China’s external reserves will likely grow during the recession.

Teacher’s Kit on WTO — Trade in Goods

Pages from the Teachers Kit, Trade in Goods

Time to continue my series of posts publishing the Teacher’s Kits on WTO, including class materials for Middle and Senior Schools, class exercises, and Teacher’s Notes.

Last time, I published links to the PDF files for the lessons called ‘About the WTO’. This time, two PDF files for lessons titled ‘Trade in Goods’.

Pages from the Teachers Kit, Trade in Goods

Would ‘critical mass’ agreements in WTO be ‘fissile’ or ‘fusional’?

Here is the paper I presented today to the Melbourne University Center for Public Policy seminar on the Future of the Multilateral Trade System. It asks would ‘critical mass’ agreements—as recommended by the Warwick Commission—reinforce (‘fuse’) the WTO’s Single Undertaking or would they tend to pull it apart (‘fission’)? I welcome your comments.

IMF Data Mapper

Click to see a larger imageTrade data sets are large and often difficult to interpret. Simplifying the data and showing policy-relevant relationships is important. The new IMF Data Mapper is a brilliant new on-line tool for doing just that

Click the thumbnail image to see an example map.

Activities in 2007

Access the Inquit database of SPS measures

A map (click for a better view), at no particular scale, of some of my activities in 2007. A lot of traveling, some outstanding meals—grilled Croker fish and wild greens in Abuja, barbecue mutton with sweetbreads in Karachi—some fascinating characters, and good friends. There were a couple of marathons (the SPS database; trade & tariff simulations on 51 grains markets) and at least one job that was just fun: classroom exercises for the Teachers’ kits on WTO.