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Do the math, PM

The Prime Min­is­ter wants to re-engage with the evi­dence. Good! But she is appar­ent­ly unable to read the advice of her own “experts”. Or add-up: “…Glob­al warm­ing will see seas rise by pos­si­bly up to a metre by the end of the cen­tu­ry — that’s a huge risk to many parts of our coun­try” Extract […]

A salty climate “bonbon”

Wor­ried by Ross Garnaut’s claim in his revised review that sea lev­els are ris­ing faster than even the U.N. pre­dict­ed: “Ris­ing sea lev­els will con­tin­ue to increase the fre­quen­cy and inten­si­ty of coastal flood­ing events dur­ing the 21st cen­tu­ry. Obser­va­tions indi­cate that there­has been a sig­nif­i­cant increase in the fre­quen­cy of extreme high sea lev­els […]