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Inquit Database of SPS notifications

here to open the IQ SPS database in a new window”>Access the Inquit database ofSPS measures

I’ve built a new database of WTO notifications of Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures, covering all measures notified to WTO from September 1999 to April 2007 May 2007. [UPDATE] The database contains some 6,170 6265 records [UPDATE] of which about 150 corrections. On average, governments are notifying about 75 new measures every month. The rapid growth of global trade in processed food, pharmaceuticals and ‘nutraceuticals’—not to mention fears of epidemic zoonoses— is adding daily to the heap of barriers

Access to the Inquit Standards Database

The Inquit database of SPS and TBT standards is still available has been retired and replaced with new database of SPS measures (see this story). The data on SPS measures and TBT measures had a number of errors due, mostly, to the inconsistent way that Members filled out their notifications in the first few years of the WTO system. The new datbase is much more accurate, and links directly to the WTO notifications so, after finding the measure(s) you’re interested in, you can download the details from WTO.

International impact on food regulations

food regulation flow chartThe

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission engaged Inquit to survey the costs that obligations under international agreements and the requirements of trading partners impose on food producers, processors and wholesalers in the state of Victoria. More than two-thirds of Victorian food production is for the export market.