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Inquit Database of SPS notifications

here to open the IQ SPS data­base in a new win­dow”>Access the Inquit database ofSPS measures

I’ve built a new data­base of WTO noti­fi­ca­tions of San­i­tary and Phy­tosan­i­tary mea­sures, cov­er­ing all mea­sures noti­fied to WTO from Sep­tem­ber 1999 to April 2007 May 2007. [UPDATE] The data­base con­tains some 6,170 6265 records [UPDATE] of which about 150 cor­rec­tions. On aver­age, gov­ern­ments are noti­fy­ing about 75 new mea­sures every month. The rapid growth of glob­al trade in processed food, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals and ‘nutraceuticals’—not to men­tion fears of epi­dem­ic zoonoses— is adding dai­ly to the heap of bar­ri­ers

Access to the Inquit Standards Database

The Inquit data­base of SPS and TBT stan­dards is still avail­able has been retired and replaced with new data­base of SPS mea­sures (see this sto­ry). The data on SPS mea­sures and TBT mea­sures had a num­ber of errors due, most­ly, to the incon­sis­tent way that Mem­bers filled out their noti­fi­ca­tions in the first few years of the WTO sys­tem. The new dat­base is much more accu­rate, and links direct­ly to the WTO noti­fi­ca­tions so, after find­ing the measure(s) you’re inter­est­ed in, you can down­load the details from WTO.

International impact on food regulations

food regulation flow chartThe

Vic­to­ri­an Com­pe­ti­tion and Effi­cien­cy Com­mis­sion engaged Inquit to sur­vey the costs that oblig­a­tions under inter­na­tion­al agree­ments and the require­ments of trad­ing part­ners impose on food pro­duc­ers, proces­sors and whole­salers in the state of Vic­to­ria. More than two-thirds of Vic­to­ri­an food pro­duc­tion is for the export mar­ket.