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Free trade (not agreements) will make Britain great

To judge from most of the “progressive” press and my Twitter feed, there is a great deal of ruin in Brexit. I hear that Britain is so integrated into the EU it will be rootless outside. The UK, I’m told, will need to ‘rejoin’ the WTO after Brexit. It has no trade agreements other than […]

When is “reform” not a reform?

No doubt Ms Gillard will assure us, next Sunday when she announces the coal tax she has agreed with the Greens and two “independents”, that this is a “reform” that will secure a better economic future for Australia. But a “reform” is no reform when… It is not adapted to its purpose: The Gillard-Brown coal […]

Dziękujemy Polska

Prices on the EU Carbon Allowances market have crashed due to oversupply headed into the seasonal (summer) downturn. The market for emission permits has been discredited by fraud, re-sale of used allowances and VAT scams since it’s launch. But also it seems that buyers realise that the backlash against the anti-growth “carbon=pollution” agenda of the […]

Ingredients of trade success

OK, so I read World Bank documents for the pictures. It’s true…I’m not ashamed to admit it. The prose in these tomes is often glutinous but the graphs are great! The chart shows why there’s much less interest, now, in tariff bindings, the currency of WTO agreements. The last big recession (2007-9), unlike those of […]

Trade policies reviewed by WTO

The WTO report on Australia’s trade policies, issued earlier this month, urges action to secure the gains from the minerals boom “A major economic challenge confronting Australia, with potential trade policy implications, is to formulate appropriate macroeconomic and structural policies to facilitate rather than impede adjustment to the effects of its greatly improved terms of […]

A small ado

< p> Predictably, some trades union leaders are trumpeting opposition to the Gillard-Emmerson trade policy statement: Trading our way to more jobs and prosperity.But their bluster is undeserved. The statement makes no concrete proposals for new (or even fewer) trade negotiations and identifies no specific economic reforms such as cutting Australia’s market access barriers for […]

Sounds good, but…

The current Labor government, unlike the Hawke governments, seems bent on announcing major public policies as faits accomplis and consulting on the rationale and implementation only afterwards…if at all. “Trade Minister Craig Emerson, who was Bob Hawke’s economic adviser, will announce the new [trade] policy today. It follows debate within Labor about how to tackle […]