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More urgent, more humane

Why waste our nation­al effort on “world lead­ing”, futile, emis­sion abate­ment? There are more impor­tant goals that will save lives now. “Rather than bend­ing over back­wards to accom­mo­date the US, if Aus­tralia main­tained the human­i­tar­i­an com­mit­ment it dis­played in sign­ing [the 2008 U.N. Con­ven­tion on Clus­ter Muni­tions ] and active­ly worked to con­vince all our […]

US farm subsidies in no danger

Even in a year when U.S. farm­ers’ incomes are like­ly to be the sec­ond high­est in 35 years, Obama’s mod­est bud­get pro­pos­als to cut US farm sub­si­dies by about a quar­ter over the next decade is unlike­ly to win sup­port from the Repub­li­can major­i­ty in Con­gress “The Oba­ma administration’s pro­posed 2012 fed­er­al bud­get released today […]