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Free trade (not agreements) will make Britain great

To judge from most of the “progressive” press and my Twitter feed, there is a great deal of ruin in Brexit. I hear that Britain is so integrated into the EU it will be rootless outside. The UK, I’m told, will need to ‘rejoin’ the WTO after Brexit. It has no trade agreements other than […]

Governed by the gutless?

Alan Beattie’s new booklet “Who’s in Charge Here” (Amazon) is an amusing, accurate, accessible account of the current mess in global financial and trade “governance.” Well worth the $3 price. But he draws a “lesson” from his little history of the crises of 2008-2011 that I find un-satisfying. Who’s in Charge Here is a valuable […]

A bearish view of global governance

If there were a ratings agency for the credibility of “global governance” institutions, the WTO’s would have been downgraded to a “B” at best[1] after the collapse of the Doha Round negotiations. The triple crown of benign global governance — a prosperous, well-regulated global “commons,” the sovereignty of nation-states and the assent of the governed […]

Irresitsible engines

Glen Steven’s questions, in his inaugural Warren Hogan lecture, about the expectation of emerging Asia — that they will assume a prominent role shaping and directing the global financial system — and about the readiness of the West to cede that role to them have been tested in the WTO. So far, they remain unanswered […]

Eminent call-girls

Aaargh! Yet another knee-jerk call in the Financial Times for “wise” men (and women) to guide WTO out of it’s slough. Third, in lieu of the WTO ministerial, a group of eminent people should be appointed with the task finding a way out of the current doldrums and outlining future courses of action. The head […]

Competition policy in PTAs

Here’s a surprise…or is it? According to the WTO’s 2011 annual report, the most common WTO-extension (WTO-X) provision of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) is in a domain that the WTO dropped from its negotiating agenda in 2003: competition policy. Research for the WTO’s 2011 Annual Report shows that 90 of the 96 PTAs examined have […]

WTO embraces the irresistible

WTO’s annual World Trade Report for 2011 signals a turning-point for the soon-to-be-Doha-less Organization. It attempts to provide a rationale for abandoning WTO’s half-hostile stand-off with the more dynamic universe of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) and for embracing PTAs instead. Or, as the subtitle of the report puts it, in EU-ese, a rationale for moving […]