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Trade policies reviewed by WTO

The WTO report on Australia’s trade poli­cies, issued ear­li­er this month, urges action to secure the gains from the min­er­als boom “A major eco­nom­ic chal­lenge con­fronting Aus­tralia, with poten­tial trade pol­i­cy impli­ca­tions, is to for­mu­late appro­pri­ate macro­eco­nom­ic and struc­tur­al poli­cies to facil­i­tate rather than impede adjust­ment to the effects of its great­ly improved terms of […]

Do border adjustment taxes work?

If the Gillard/Garnaut plan for a car­bon tax is imple­ment­ed would bor­der-adjust­­ment tax­es (BAT) help to off­set the trade impacts includ­ing loss of export com­pet­i­tive­ness and “car­bon-leak­age”? It turns out BATs might notl have any impact, good or bad, on trade. In the late 1960s, adis­agree­ment between Europe and the USA over the pro­tec­tion­ist impact […]

WTO treatment of a carbon tax

In which I try briefly to describe the prac­ti­cal impact of WTO rules on the admin­is­tra­tion of a com­pen­sat­ed car­bon tax that is not levied on exports. The huge vol­umes of recent com­men­tary on the inter­ac­tion of WTO rules and car­bon emis­sion tax­es or admin­is­tered mar­kets (“emis­sion trad­ing schemes”, ETS) con­tain a bewil­der­ing diver­si­ty of […]

Experts still optimists on Doha

Andrew Stol­er, Direc­tor of the Insti­tute for Inter­na­tion­al Trade at Ade­laide Uni­ver­si­ty and for­mer Deputy Direc­­tor-Gen­er­al of WTO has pub­lished the results of his most recent poll of expert opinion—including the anony­mous views of nego­tia­tors in Geneva—on the WTO Doha round (122 respon­dents). Here’s his sum­ma­ry: While experts remain in large part scep­ti­cal about the […]

Trade ‘imbalances’ are misleading

Alexan­dro Jara, the Deputy Direc­­tor-Gen­er­al of WTO “[R]elying on con­ven­tion­al trade sta­tis­tics gives a dis­tort­ed pic­ture of trade imbal­ances between coun­tries. As we saw when look­ing at the Chi­nese con­tent of the iPad, what counts is not the imbal­ances as mea­sured by gross val­ues of exports and imports, but how much val­ued added is embed­ded […]

ACTA is an attack on the WTO

India has com­plained in the recent TRIPS coun­cil that the ACTA pro­vi­sions mod­i­fy the bal­ance of rights and oblig­a­tions estab­lished by a mul­ti­lat­er­al agree­ment (TRIPS) cov­er­ing the same domain. The secret nego­ti­a­tion of this pluri­lat­er­al agree­ment by a cabal that includ­ed Aus­tralia is an attack on that bal­ance and hence on one of the pil­lars […]

Positions diverge on Doha negotiations

Anoth­er cold show­er for WTO: last week’s attempt in Gene­va to sketch out some ‘com­mon ground’ failed. Nation­al nego­ti­at­ing teams were said to be shocked (yes, ‘shocked’) by the size of the gaps between nation­al posi­tions. “… nine years into the mul­ti­lat­er­al trade talks, it remains unclear whether the invi­o­lable ‘red lines’ of promi­nent WTO […]