Teachers Kits on WTO

The idea was to create some teachers’ kits on the WTO with lessons, class exercises and teachers’ notes about the lessons. The Teachers Kits on WTO are now a couple of years old and one or two facts are already outdated (the number of WTO Member countries, for example). But they are mostly still accurate.

Each of the kits contains lessons for Middle school and two have extensions for Senior school. They have class exercises (some advanced, some easy) and Teachers’ Notes with the answers to the exercises.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to present three of the kits here beginning with the class materials and teachers’ materials for “About the WTO”. This document deals specifically with the objectives of WTO.

If you find this introductory kit useful, please check back for kits on ‘Keeping the Peace’ and ‘Trade in Goods’.

PS: The kits are made for printing. You’ll find that they fit fine on either US Letter or A4 sized paper

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