The mildness of global warming

I don’t doubt any more than you do that the average atmospheric temperature has jumped around a lot but overall has risen a few tenths of a degree in the past century or so. But when you see the change in context there’s just no basis for alarm, or for Australia to endorse the IPCC’s implausible “runaway-feedback” theory with the world’s largest carbon-dioxide tax.

Three decades of satellite measurements show either zero or a 0.11 degree (celsius) increase over the average of the past thirty years. This is, of course, less than NASA claims (0.58 C° increase over the whole of the 20th century) because temperatures have not risen at all in the past decade or so. But whichever number you choose, the warming that has taken place is mild and unconcerning. It also creates reasonable doubt about the alleged culprit — CO2 concentration in the atmosphere — because that number has been monotonically increasing for the past fifty years

Now the New Scientist — a science mag given to breathless alarmism — has at last published a graph that shows what it believes to be the “hottest year” of the twentieth century in context.

Graphic from the New Scientist

Earth blows hot and cold

Hmm… that teeny little tail (exaggerated by the scaling of the graphic) is the current “alarming” state of the climate? What’s all the fuss?

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