US anti-dumps the world shrimp price

The United States has announced its final assessments in the anti-dumping cases bought against Vietnamese shrimp. Announcements on imports from Ecuador, China, India and Thailand are expected soon. bq. In a final determination, the department fixed punitive anti-dumping duties in a range of 4.13 to 25.76 percent for Vietnamese imports, a significant reduction from the upper 93 percent bracket it had set in July. It also slapped hefty duties ranging from 27.89 to 112.81 percent on shrimp imports from China. Washington is expected to announce similar punitive action against shrimp from Brazil, Ecuador, India and Thailand later this month. (“AFP via Yahoo”: The United States, Australia, the EU and now a bunch of developing countries are serial anti-dumpers. This nonsense should stop; but there’s no signs of an outbreak of common sense on the horizion. On the contrary, the U.S. Congress is apparently prepared to wear “international sanction”: to keep its anti-dumping habit.

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