WTO and the ‘multipolar’ vision

Shada Islam writes in “Yale Global(link to the website)”:http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=2808 about the collapse of WTO negotiations as a challenge to Europe’s view of the world and of itself. bq. The WTO is a multipolar organisation par excellence and is shaping up as a real testing ground for European ideals. Its members, big and small, are equally instrumental in determining the world trade agenda. Crucially, unlike in the United Nations, no country in the WTO has veto power. But instead of embracing the WTO as a reflection of the multipolar world it espouses, the EU went into the Cancun meeting with a deal on farm trade liberalisation concluded exclusively with the US. Not surprisingly, developing countries reacted with hostility both to the transatlantic alliance per se and the duo’s failure to promise a total elimination of export subsidies, significantly slash domestic farm support, or improve market access for farm products.

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