WTO Annual Report for 2004

The first of four reports to appear each year is now available.
bq. The organization’s annual report to its members and the public on institutional matters, including descriptions of its main activities and information on its budget and staff. The Annual Report is published in the first half of each year. (“WTO”:http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/reser_e/annual_report_e.htm) The annual report is a full record of activites at WTO but not the main report on events in world trade (due out in a month or so). It was a year of more misses than hits for WTO: bq. One major achievement was an historic deal on access to essential medicines which should help poor countries,lacking the capacity to manufacture drugs crucial for addressing public health crises,make use of the compulsory licensing provisions in the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement.However,in general the [Doha Round] negotiations did not move forward as far or fast as anticipated,with important spring deadlines in agricultural and non-agricultural market access and on dispute settlement being missed. Likewise,the WTO’s Fifth Ministerial Conference produced some significant advances, including in difficult and politically sensitive areas.Ministers,however,were unable to reach agreement during this short period of time on an agreed text which would serve as a framework for guiding the negotiations to a conclusion

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