WTO “framework” looks safe

It is likely that the “framework text”:http://www.inquit.com/article/284/edging-toward-a-wto-framework-agreement will attract ‘consensus’. No major participant has indicated that it will object to the most contentious section: “agriculture”:http://www.inquit.com/article/286/a-guide-to-the-annex-on-agriculture. Of course, the Indian government could decide to hold out to the last moment—as it did in Doha in 2001. bq. From India’s point of view, the draft on agriculture does not provide the required balance, fairness or equity between the provisions for the developed countries and those of developing countrie (“Navhind Times”:http://www.navhindtimes.com/stories.php?part=news&Story_ID=07206) And we have still to hear from the ‘Group of 90’ African, Caribbean and Least Developed countries who stopped the negotiations cold in sunny Cancún.

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