WTO membership and globalization

Developing economies want both globalization and WTO membership as soon as possible. Thirty years ago I was posted to Algiers as a young diplomat to help open the Australian mission (later closed). This sort of thinking—from the President’s adviser—would have been a treasonable offense, then. bq. Our economy is based too much on hydrocarbons. We must diversify our economy. If not, Algeria will become lost in the global marketplace,” Abdelhamid Temmar, chief economic counsel to President Abdelaziz Bouteflila, said last week during meetings with finance and trade leaders in Washington. “We have to reform our banking system. We have to open our land markets for foreign investment. And we have to promote the private sector, which ‚Äî quite frankly ‚Äî is disappointingly too small.”
(“Middle East Africa Financial Network”:http://www.menafn.com/qn_news_story_s.asp?StoryId=71612) Algeria has kicked-off what it hopes are a final round of negotiations on its accession to WTO, targeting entry in 2005.

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