Zoellick on China’s choices

A discursive account by Greg Sheridan in The Australian of a conversation with World Bank President Robert Zoellick on, among other things, China’s development conundrum and the growth of emerging economies as an antidote to pessimism.

Zoellick has a team of World Bank economists working closely with the Chinese leadership to help them move on from the growth model that has served them so well for the past 30 years, but has probably reached its use-by date. Zoellick’s team is focused on a range of policy conundrums for the Chinese.

These include the tradeoff between growth today with cleaning up later versus a more green growth path. Another is whether to build a “welfare state” or a “workfare state”.

Extract from The Australian

I wish the article had contained rather more of Zoellick and less of Sheridan.

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