India and China

bq. Despite Indi­a’s rapid growth, how­ev­er, Chi­na’s devel­op­ment enjoys a good 15-year head start, and the gap shows no signs of nar­row­ing. Indi­ans wor­ry open­ly whether a con­sen­sus for growth can be sus­tained with the kind of sin­gle-mind­ed­ness that has helped pro­pel China.“New York Times”: I have pre­vi­ous­ly “reported”: on the fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ences between the two, and in par­tic­u­lar, on the under-per­for­mance of Indi­a’s econ­o­my. It seems, how­ev­er, that Indi­a’s growth prospects may be improv­ing rapid­ly. bq. India will dou­ble its share of world trade ahead of its tar­get date of 2009 as its inte­gra­tion with the glob­al econ­o­my accel­er­ates, Kamal Nath, min­is­ter of com­merce and Indus­try, said on Fri­day.  “ / World — Exports up as India ‚Äòup­grades’ trade policy”:

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