But the elec­tion is in the form of a bat­tle with win­ners and loosers; so of course it will get the medi­a’s atten­tion. It’s a sto­ry that every sub-edi­tor feels com­fort­able with. “Let’s see more blood on the carpet‚Ķ nev­er­mind the issues!” The Finan­cial Times is, as usu­al, an hon­or­able excep­tion. bq. But emerg­ing from the WTO nego­ti­a­tions, and threat­en­ing to spill over into the direc­tor-gen­er­al selec­tion process, are divi­sions between devel­op­ing coun­tries that can be as impor­tant as those between rich and poor. “Finan­cial Times”:–00000e2511c8.html Alan Beat­tie and Frances Williams have a com­men­tary piece in today’s edi­tion (sub­scrip­tion) that exam­ines some of the real divi­sions among Mem­bers that will inevitably colour the selec­tion of the next D‑G.

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