Inquit Database of SPS notifications

The Devel­oped coun­tries have the biggest ‘store’ of mea­sures, but as this chart on the month­ly noti­fi­ca­tion data over the past 6.5 years shows, Devel­op­ing coun­tries have become the most fre­quent source of new SPS bar­ri­ers. Inci­den­tal­ly, the big devel­op­ing coun­try ‘spike’ in April 2002, when Chi­na notifed 140 bar­ri­ers in one month.

Chart comparing OECD and Developing country SPS notifications by month

I recent­ly pre­sent­ed some detailed fre­quen­cy analy­sis of SPS bar­ri­ers in the APEC region to the annu­al Con­fer­ence of APEC Cen­ters in Mel­bourne. You can find the slides and the paper on the APEC Cen­ter site.

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