Julia Gillard’s report card

ABC Opinion Poll Results

The promi­nence in this ABC Opin­ion Poll of words such as “dis­ap­point­ing” and “incom­pe­tent” must hurt.

Peo­ple who use the word “liar”, how­ev­er, often have a pret­ty poor under­stand­ing of polit­i­cal agen­das and cer­tain­ly have too lit­tle respect for the dig­ni­ty of the office—to use an old-fash­ioned term—which is some­thing that is owed to our nation whether or not it seems deserved by the occu­pant of the Lodge. 

The the com­po­si­tion of this self-select­ed group must attract the atten­tion of Labor par­ty man­agers: just under half iden­ti­fy as Coali­tion vot­ers. The cur­rent Newspoll puts the two-par­ty-pre­ferred Coali­tion vote (admit­ted­ly on an “intend to vote” basis) at 55% of the elec­torate. So the skew­ness of the sam­ple in this poll seems much less pro­nounced than the neg­a­tive bias of the assessments.

Of those who respond­ed via this page, 49 per cent iden­ti­fied them­selves as Coali­tion vot­ers, 18 per cent iden­ti­fied them­selves as Labor vot­ers, 18 per cent iden­ti­fied them­selves as Greens vot­ers and 12 per cent iden­ti­fied them­selves as vot­ing for ‘oth­ers’.” Extract from ABC News — PM Julia Gillard’s first year, in your words

On bal­ance, how­ev­er, this is a bit of a gim­mick. We have no idea from the image what weight­ing was attached to the results that gave the neg­a­tive terms their promi­nence in the clus­ter and gave much less promi­nence to words such as “deter­mined” or “gut­sy”. There is not much data here.

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