Kling on regulation

meta-cre­ation_­date: 3 Novem­ber, 2003
An “essay(link to Arnold Kling’s site)”:http://arnoldkling.com/~arnoldsk/aimst5/powell.html on reg­u­la­tion, com­pe­ti­tion and mar­ket infor­ma­tion by Arnold Kling that is a won­der­ful exam­ple of its kind. It’s brief, cur­rent and clar­i­fies some­thing that—although you may have lit­tle per­son­al inter­est in US telecomms regulation—crystalizes notions you’ve some­times enter­tained, but had­n’t artic­u­lat­ed quite as well. An essay that expands your eco­nom­ic vocab­u­lary. My one quib­ble: Kling calls Bush ‘mis-under­es­ti­mat­ed’. Does he mean that Bush should be more accu­rate­ly under­es­ti­mat­ed? If so, I’m ready. Let’s hear it. Update: Ok. My Amer­i­can vocab­u­lary is obvi­ous­ly pret­ty lousy. See AK’s expla­na­tion in the comment.

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