Mercosur Parliament?

The Brazil­ian Pres­i­dent is–045345-2484r.htm” title=“link to the Wash­ing­ton Times report”>reportedly press­ing for deep­er polit­i­cal inte­gra­tion in Latin Amer­i­ca, includ­ing a region­al parliament.

The par­lia­ment, accord­ing to Lula, would rep­re­sent the inter­ests of nations in the Mer­co­sur trad­ing bloc, name­ly Argenti­na, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Lula has expressed inter­est in expand­ing Mer­co­sur to encom­pass more South Amer­i­can coun­tries and cre­at­ing a con­ti­nen­tal par­lia­ment sim­i­lar to that of the Euro­pean Union.”

Of all the region­al trade agree­ments, Mer­co­sur has super­fi­cial­ly one of the most cred­i­ble claims to this sort of inte­gra­tion: it’s pos­si­bly more eth­ni­cal­ly and cul­tur­al­ly inte­grat­ed than e.g. the Euro­pean Com­mu­ni­ty. Mer­co­sur also rates high on WTO’s mea­sure of ‘inter­nal open­ness’ : the “mar­gin­al pref­er­ence ratio” or the lev­el of bar­ri­ers left in the way of ‘free trade’ with­in the region. 

Table showing WTOs estimate of internal openness in RTAs

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