Not altruism, but customer focus

George W Merck”: a com­mence­ment day speech at Rich­mond, Vir­ginia, Decem­ber 1, 1950 bq. We try to remem­ber that med­i­cine is for the patient. We try nev­er to for­get that med­i­cine is for the peo­ple. It is not for the prof­its. The prof­its fol­low, and if we have remem­bered that, they have nev­er failed to appear. The bet­ter we have remem­bered it, the larg­er they have been. The whole speech is worth read­ing: it reflects a sense of excite­ment about the world of phar­ma­col­o­gy that has been tinged, to say the least, since 1950. _pointer from the “John Kay”: in the FT_

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