Not your average bunker-buster

Hur­ri­canes gath­er heat over the trop­i­cal ocean, using the ener­gy to dri­ve con­den­sa­tion, winds, a lot of noise, etc. 

” A ful­ly devel­oped hur­ri­cane can release heat ener­gy at a rate of 5 to 20x1013 watts and con­verts less than 10% of the heat into the mechan­i­cal ener­gy of the wind.  The heat release is *equiv­a­lent to a 10-mega­ton nuclear bomb explod­ing every 20 min­utes*.  Accord­ing to the 1993 World Almanac, the entire human race used ener­gy at a rate of 1013watts in 1990, a rate less than 20% of the pow­er of a hurricane. ”

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