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The proposed new Apple building in Cupertino

Fist thing that strikes me about the iFris­beeTM is that it sets up an awful long dis­tance between one divi­sion and anoth­er. The short routes are at best a longish chord or, at worst, a diam­e­ter. But even the short­est cut runs into the “land­scap­ing”.

Steve Jobs wants to build a new cor­po­rate cam­pus in Cuper­ti­no, Calif., that will be dom­i­nat­ed by a sin­gle “spaceship”-like build­ing.” Extract from CNET News [video, worth watch­ing, if only for S. Jobs’ anec­dote about his call, at the age of 13, to the leg­endary Bill Hewlett]

Could this be an unchar­ac­ter­is­tic (for Apple) tri­umph of form over func­tion? In his pre­sen­ta­tion to the Cuper­ti­no Coun­cil (CNET video) Jobs boasts about Apple’s abil­i­ty to make large bits of curved glass: as if that might have been an impor­tant design factor.

Seems to me that S. Jobs and his archi­tects might prof­itably have reviewed this YouTube essay on the Motor­way Prob­lem. Yes, I know that sounds impos­si­bly geeky, but it’s about soap bub­bles. True! (Also, this bloke is a great presenter!)

But wait!…if you thought that was a bit weird, get this…

Not the proposed Cupertino office

Apple does actu­al­ly have a “Fris­bee” build­ing already, in Korea! Why would I make this up? Here’s every detail you could pos­si­bly need.

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