Piracy and privacy


p>I predict—or at least I hope—that inter­est in this issue will increase in Aus­tralia if the gov­ern­ment becomes, as the Prime Minin­ster pro­pos­es, our prin­ci­pal inter­net sup­pli­er. It will be all the more urgent for Aus­tralians to con­sid­er whether their con­sti­tu­ion­al rights to pri­va­cy and free speech are ade­quate­ly pro­tect­ed by our rick­ety sys­tem of statute and com­mon law, or whether we need con­sti­tu­tion­al guar­an­tees still more urgent­ly than we need <a href=“http://www.buddeblog.com.au/analysis-of-the-national-broadband-network-announcement-australia/” title=“BuddeBlog

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