Protectionists enjoy imports, too

The “Aus­tralian Sur­vey of Social Attitudes”: has pub­lished a data­base of fre­quen­cy tables for answers to their 2003 atti­tude sur­vey on a vari­ety of top­ics. The sur­vey shows Aus­tralians to be (along with oth­er ten­den­cies) xeno­pho­bic about invest­ment, appre­hen­sive about for­eign com­peti­ton for jobs and more than a lit­tle pro­tec­tion­ist. But they are equal­ly avid import con­sumers. I’m tempt­ed to say: ‘no news there…’. WTO is influ­en­tial, accord­ing to the sur­vey. But not in a pos­i­tive way, it seems. The rest of this post con­tains some pic­tures of the fre­quen­cy tab­u­la­tions (for which I did not find a copy­right at the ASSDA site). I am endebt­ed to “Andrew Norton”:’s sto­ry on atti­tudes to same-sex par­ent­ing for the link to this intrigu­ing resource.

The [effect on your dai­ly life of the] World Trade Organ­i­sa­tion (WTO)
Val­ue  Cat­e­gories  N
  Great effect  235
  Some effect  955
  No effect  599
  Can’t choose  204
  Not asked  2183
  Skip  0
  Miss­ing  94

Large inter­na­tion­al com­pa­nies are doing more and more dam­age to local busi­ness­es in Aus­tralia
Val­ue  Cat­e­gories  N
  Strong­ly agree  700
  Agree  917
  Nei­ther agree nor dis­agree  351
  Dis­agree  118
  Strong­ly dis­agree  10
  Can’t choose  66
  Not asked  2087
  Miss­ing  21

Open­ing up Aus­trali­a’s econ­o­my to for­eign com­pe­ti­tion has a bad effect on job secu­ri­ty in this coun­try
Val­ue  Cat­e­gories  N
  Strong­ly agree  524
  Agree  1530
  Nei­ther agree nor dis­agree  980
  Dis­agree  808
  Strong­ly dis­agree  109
  Can’t choose  234
  Not asked  0
  Skip  0
  Miss­ing  85

Aus­tralia should lim­it the import of for­eign prod­ucts in order to pro­tect its nation­al econ­o­my
Val­ue  Cat­e­gories  N
  Strong­ly agree  525
  Agree  862
  Nei­ther agree nor dis­agree  407
  Dis­agree  267
  Strong­ly dis­agree  37
  Can’t choose  44
  Not asked  2087
  Miss­ing  41

Free trade leads to bet­ter prod­ucts becom­ing avail­able in Aus­tralia
Val­ue  Cat­e­gories  N
  Strong­ly agree  147
  Agree  896
  Nei­ther agree nor dis­agree  607
  Dis­agree  322
  Strong­ly dis­agree  65
  Can’t choose  111
  Not asked  2087
  Miss­ing  35

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