Recognizing change

Which comes first, an hypoth­e­sis or the evi­dence? The answer (often) is: the hypoth­e­sis. The evi­dence may be actu­al­ly invis­i­ble before the hypoth­e­sis gath­ers momen­tum. For exam­ple, this: bq. In an area as dif­fi­cult as cli­mate sci­ence, in which all is com­plex and befogged, it takes a while to see what one is not pre­pared to look for A “fas­ci­nat­ing his­tor­i­cal account(link to the Physics Today site)”:‑8/p30.html from Physics Today of dis­cov­er­ies over two-thirds of a cen­tu­ry that sug­gest­ed cli­mate change could take decades rather than eons. Only in the past decade has the data been wide­ly rec­og­nized as evi­dence rather than illusion.

image via BBC

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