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Free trade (not agreements) will make Britain great

To judge from most of the “pro­gres­sive” press and my Twit­ter feed, there is a great deal of ruin in Brex­it. I hear that Britain is so inte­grat­ed into the EU it will be root­less out­side. The UK, I’m told, will need to ‘rejoin’ the WTO after Brex­it. It has no trade agree­ments oth­er than […]

When is “reform” not a reform?

No doubt Ms Gillard will assure us, next Sun­day when she announces the coal tax she has agreed with the Greens and two “inde­pen­dents”, that this is a “reform” that will secure a bet­ter eco­nom­ic future for Aus­tralia. But a “reform” is no reform when… It is not adapt­ed to its pur­pose: The Gillard-Brown coal […]

Dziękujemy Polska

Prices on the EU Car­bon Allowances mar­ket have crashed due to over­sup­ply head­ed into the sea­son­al (sum­mer) down­turn. The mar­ket for emis­sion per­mits has been dis­cred­it­ed by fraud, re-sale of used allowances and VAT scams since it’s launch. But also it seems that buy­ers realise that the back­lash against the anti-growth “carbon=pollution” agen­da of the […]

Ingredients of trade success

OK, so I read World Bank doc­u­ments for the pic­tures. It’s true…I’m not ashamed to admit it. The prose in these tomes is often gluti­nous but the graphs are great! The chart shows why there’s much less inter­est, now, in tar­iff bind­ings, the cur­ren­cy of WTO agree­ments. The last big reces­sion (2007–9), unlike those of […]

Trade policies reviewed by WTO

The WTO report on Australia’s trade poli­cies, issued ear­li­er this month, urges action to secure the gains from the min­er­als boom “A major eco­nom­ic chal­lenge con­fronting Aus­tralia, with poten­tial trade pol­i­cy impli­ca­tions, is to for­mu­late appro­pri­ate macro­eco­nom­ic and struc­tur­al poli­cies to facil­i­tate rather than impede adjust­ment to the effects of its great­ly improved terms of […]

A small ado

Pre­dictably, some trades union lead­ers are trum­pet­ing oppo­si­tion to the Gillard-Emmer­­son trade pol­i­cy state­ment: Trad­ing our way to more jobs and pros­per­i­ty.But their blus­ter is unde­served. The state­ment makes no con­crete pro­pos­als for new (or even few­er) trade nego­ti­a­tions and iden­ti­fies no spe­cif­ic eco­nom­ic reforms such as cut­ting Australia’s mar­ket access bar­ri­ers for ser­vices, invest­ment […]

Sounds good, but…

The cur­rent Labor gov­ern­ment, unlike the Hawke gov­ern­ments, seems bent on announc­ing major pub­lic poli­cies as faits accom­plis and con­sult­ing on the ratio­nale and imple­men­ta­tion only afterwards…if at all. “Trade Min­is­ter Craig Emer­son, who was Bob Hawke’s eco­nom­ic advis­er, will announce the new [trade] pol­i­cy today. It fol­lows debate with­in Labor about how to tack­le […]