Teachers Kits on WTO

The idea was to cre­ate some teach­ers’ kits on the WTO with lessons, class exer­cis­es and teach­ers’ notes about the lessons. The Teach­ers Kits on WTO are now a cou­ple of years old and one or two facts are already out­dat­ed (the num­ber of WTO Mem­ber coun­tries, for exam­ple). But they are most­ly still accurate. 

Each of the kits con­tains lessons for Mid­dle school and two have exten­sions for Senior school. They have class exer­cis­es (some advanced, some easy) and Teach­ers’ Notes with the answers to the exercises. 

Over the next cou­ple of weeks, I’m going to present three of the kits here begin­ning with the class mate­ri­als and teach­ers’ mate­ri­als for “About the WTO”. This doc­u­ment deals specif­i­cal­ly with the objec­tives of WTO

If you find this intro­duc­to­ry kit use­ful, please check back for kits on ‘Keep­ing the Peace’ and ‘Trade in Goods’.

PS: The kits are made for print­ing. You’ll find that they fit fine on either US Let­ter or A4 sized paper

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