The calculation of Sistani

A thought­ful short essay on the lessons of his­to­ry for the Shia major­i­ty in Iraq and the dilem­ma fac­ing their mod­er­ate leader, Aya­tol­lah Sis­tani bq. Thought­ful Iraqis warn that if the Shia make the same mis­take now (as they did when they rose up agains the British), they could lose a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to win a share of pow­er which reflects their major­i­ty sta­tus. (Roger Hardy for the “BBC”: “Milt Rosenberg”: point­ed me to this sto­ry. Update: It seems to me that the BBC sto­ry may have been cribbed from “this(link to Wash­ing­ton Post)”: Wash­ing­ton Post por­trait of Sis­tani that appeared in ear­ly Feb­ru­ary. Here’s “more(link to New Repub­lic Online)”: from Spencer Ack­er­man in the New Repub­lic, who acknowl­edges the Wash­ing­ton Post source.

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