The Vignelli Canon

A won­der­ful, short book of the rules (κανών: kanón, mean­ing a rule) of design cho­sen and illus­trat­ed by Mas­si­mo Vignel­li and his wife Lel­la. Down­load it here.

I have always said that there are three aspects in Design that are impor­tant to me: Seman­tic, Syn­tac­tic and Pragmatic.

That is: the mean­ing of the design, the details that con­vey the mean­ing and the use­ful­ness of the design.

Vignel­li’s work is the best adver­tise­ment for his canon. An aston­ish­ing œuvre that has immense­ly enriched the lan­guage of visu­al expres­sion and made many dif­fi­cult things sim­ple and useful. VietlliAmAirlines VitelliSubwayMap

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