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CoppetainPU Reuters, on the possibility that IP deal could put downward pressure on US biotech drug prices…

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Adblocking? To the extent it affects publishers’ revenues, I predict more on-line content in form of videos (damnit!)

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Well… (1) who do you think is paying the duties now? (Prob. not NZ exporters). (2) Begs q’s about consequent changes in market shares.

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data like this will be everywhere in the next few days. But numbers in the 3rd column probably rubbish. Why?

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@kim_weatherall @NGruen1 Breeches the ‘do no harm’ rule. Even 50 years (TRIPS) is unjustified by the social benefit of © monopolies.

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Large trade agreements like take longer to build than super colliders. Impacts just as hard to analyse. Most stuff today probably wrong

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dikenson Good summary but suggestion of cong. vote in early primary season way too ambitious. Btw July & Jan ’17 more likely.…

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Well I guess you just can’t hurry love……dE

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@MarionGroves @alan_john_moran Yes. Unfortunate that the police shot the evidence (again)!

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AnnaVidot Robb: Aust & US acting in good faith, “but fact is we’ve got different systems and just splitting it down the middle is not the answer.

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bill_easterly If Singapore’s autocracy is so popular, why does it remain an autocracy?

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@sdonnan @Westin Feel for you. In trade negotiations you eat, pee whenever you can (if you leave the table you loose). Hope @Westin fixed it

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kim_weatherall Stand firm!…

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So flawed its processes & so muddled its goals, the has given “Uncle Joe” Stiglitz an opportunity to be…

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@mjtsai Ugh! Maybe it could use some hints on indexing from @eaglefiler :-)

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Excellent historical prologue to (surprisingly) sanguine recommendation. Suggest instead: “Above all, do no harm!”…

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( + DSU more precisely) is a valuable historic asset. But increasingly hard to see it as more than a placeholder for the future.

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“WTO has been able to deliver an agreement to remove red tape at borders” (…). NO! After ~2yrs 17/161 have ratified!

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“The phenomenon whereby ads are tied to the complete invasion of privacy is a recent one.”(…). Contentious solutions.

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@sdonnan aviation hub. On 4-city visit to USA in Jan passed thru Atlanta 3 times (should have been 5 cities). Also peanuts, cotton (sugar?).

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Stuart Harbinson’s analysis sharp, wise as usual. Still, it’s symptomology not…

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McCloskey’s essay summarizes her cheerful theory of the robust (bourgeois) sources & successes of capitalist growth.…

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CoppetainPU delegations were asked to hit the ground running post summer-break. More like tip-toe.…

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@snlester @tylercowen @rodrikdani Good Q! When it worked? Germany in the late 19th C? Japan in the 1960s? Did “optimum tariffs” ever work?

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“Give healthy competition a chance” Yes. Still, a big danger the “below cost” test wd. be BS, like…

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