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Tech firms will reconsider hiring AU nationals following the passage of the foolish, insecure and repressive “…nP

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srajagopalan My column today for @livemint @Mint_Opinion on the regulatory mess that is shackling the Indian farmer in poverty……df

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“Australians Should Defy Their Government’s Poorly Considered Surveillance State”. But consumer “defiance” will…um

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@tylercowen on coercion “[I]sn’t there something deeply wrong with a system where you can’t easily leave a…x6

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EricTopol Retail used to be the #1 US job source until 1 year ago.
That’s when it was overtaken by , which has…8c

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snlester Why isn’t USTR enforcing the existing rules on forced technology transfer found in China’s WTO accession protocol?…

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@business On industrial goods? Great. But this is like an alcoholic swearing to give up chocolate! Avg. CHR rate…xk

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@chip_roh @snlester Precisely. There seems to be little contestible data available to test White House (USTR)…Wn

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Scott Sumner @Econlib “How much IP has China stolen? What is the market value? What fraction is stuff that never…oI

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Suppose a ‘cold-war’ divides USA & CHN techne: esp. digital. What will be the consequences for ROW? Science will…79

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Apple’s detailed criticisms of the broad, vague, intrusive, extra-territorial and unreviewable provisions of the…2X

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Foolish politicians, without public sanction, are about to turn AU into a ‘survillance state’ by legislating for…om

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insteconomics Come and hear Dr Alex Robson release his new report for @USSC “It doesn’t have to be this way Australia’s energy…em

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Macron tries to ignore the revolt of guys in day-glow jackets (‘gilets jaunes’), ostensibly over fuel tax hikes. “…Nd

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Ugh! “Multifactor productivity for the Australian market sector rose 0.5 per cent in 2017-18, which was the…aM

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D_A_Irwin Tim Josling, a giant in agricultural trade economics, helped develop PSEs to measure ag support in OECD,…32

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Steak with ricotta and dates!? Caramel pancakes!? The menu has more weight than the communique! (@SimonEvenett).…sV

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McKinsey_MGI The introduction of steam engines during the 1800s boosted labor productivity by an estimated 0.3% a year, the…su

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@SimonEvenett @insteconomics @WTODGAZEVEDO OK; but G-20 is an IMF-based group, kicked upstairs to HOG level in…0S

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In the 50 years since the 1968 peak in cardiovascular disease mortality in AU the mortality rate for acute…Cb

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SimonEvenett Few realise just how much protectionism China’s exports faced to US before this year’s trade war: 70% affected.…m9

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Indeed. I hope it is not the final word. @ICTSD is a valuable resource for many (like me, now) who have few other…Dk

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Trade policy is about advancing the peaceful & innocent pursuit of making-money. No fancy tehniques or surprises.…Ny

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Arnold Kling does a very good job annotating conceptual questions (about information, growth, monopolies,…Mu

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USSC .@insteconomics on the crisis of legitimacy already facing the WTO that has been exasperated by hostility from…u5

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