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@sdonnan @MehreenKhn It means they’re reading the newspapers and Twitter like everyone else. The Octonauts are probably better at ‘rescue’.

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“Wider still and wider may thy bounds be set…”

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auslibdems Looks like time for a free trade agreement with the UK.

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Flat trade growth is not an emergency. Prices are down; that may be a disturbing signal but also a great incentive (unless govts muck it up)

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Still, these are merch. trade only. Services (=18% of AU volumes) boosted momentum of total ex. vols & vals in 2015…

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mattwridley Rational Optimist: A bright global future for Britain

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UK must choose either to & grasp own destiny or forever “offside” in EU as Euro-states move to some form of political Union.

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No monetary union survives without the controls & legitimacy of political Union (as Delors knew). UK should be voting on or

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We’ve heard a great deal about the riskiness of the case (IMF, FT, Times, Guardian) but little about the biggest risk of

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peraltenberg Important piece by @SimonEvenett Hufbauer and Bhatia on changing corporate strategy in the face of .…

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SincDavidson Will Brexit be exempt from the Iron Law?… via @wordpressdotcom

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A balanced guide to divergent economic views of . It’s more about the competing models than the…

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Summer 2016 cd. be equally fraught, but that summer trans-Atlantic aviation, talkies & television first appeared. Maybe R. Gordon is right.

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Just finished Bill Bryson”s “One Summer: America 1927″. Great fun. Fabulous pageant. Still, more Bosch than Breughel.

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@leemakiyama True, NZ bit several bullets. I don’t know what post GBR will do but the IMF analogy (NZ in ’70s ~ GBR now) is silly.

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If GBR votes Thurs to , will the EU thank them? Hah! Are you kidding? They’ll be punished at every turn “pour encourager les autres…”

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alanbeattie That ruthless Cartesian logic again.…

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Could this be a trade deal both candidates and Congress might actually like!?…

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EconDevlpmt @pwgallagher And also NZ really only exported one thing back then. Hard to compare with UK today

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snlester I don’t know if the UK will leave the EU, but if it does, the UK/US should quickly negotiate a trade deal to reduce/eliminate tariffs.

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The IMF study explicitly denies its ‘scenarios’ quantitatively robust. Compares to NZ loss of UK preferences in late 1970s!

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@BaldwinRE Decades, it’s true. But it was new technology in early 1980s. Much faster — and less costly — now.

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Not on this, Brian. AU already has one RTA incl. VN (AAFTA) and one still to come (TPP). UK a top investor, market.…

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AU should propose an FTA with GBR on the same terms as NZ (trade, investment, competition, labor movement) to begin the day after

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“The Six Best Reasons to Vote ” (none of them is ‘immigration’)…

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