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SamKSS What a circus.
An inquiry that can’t find a decision maker.
Did anyone think to check who executed the service…Wm

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“Adding insult to grotesque injury, the most senior witnesses to the inquiry this week have been a pantomime of…W1

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TimSmithMP The people entrusted to navigate Victoria through this pandemic steered it onto the rocks of the second wave —…nJL

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1. Hooray for capitalism! 2. Can courts compel the Exec. to do what Congress won’t about the abuse of its…9c

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Considering the Andrews govt. administrative stuff-ups, there’s no need for conspiracy theories. Read the…Mv

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bach_mp I’ve been both a Ministerial Adviser and an official within the Department of Human Services.

So, when Jenny…Nx

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“It seems to me that we instead have a strong world culture of regulators, driven by a stronger world culture of…Tt

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Wow! OK GenX! At first glance the ‘stagnation’ hypothesis seems a goner (but ‘complacency’ prob. still good.…z3

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No2. national media group wants @googledownunder + FB to foo their bills or they’ll take their bat and… More BS…IZ

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On JPN: authors suggest that algorithmic “difficulties” dealing with the language may account for it’s odd clustering in this graph.

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Yes there really *is* a west/rest distinction. Cultural propinquities dendrogram mapping a huge FaceBook data…0G

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patrickdurkin Here is the letter from the retired judges and leading QCs which calls Andrews’ proposed new powers “unprecedented,…s3

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Adam_Creighton We shutdown for a virus unlikely to kill us…

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AnaSwanson So, plot twist! It appears that ByteDance retains majority stake in the new company, despite the president’s…55

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evmulholland This bill is abhorrent, it does not belong in a liberal democracy like Australia and must be voted down in the…4x

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RT @CairnsGroupWTO: 25yrs without reform of all pillars of the AoA. A stale birthday cake… (Article 20 would be sad)
@WTO Members must re…

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Annals of justice. The infamous hoverboarding dentist of Anchorage, Alaska commits unlawful dental acts. Escapes…0C

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“Tesla won the self-driving car war, they just aren’t telling us” (‘Robert X Cringely’ aka Mark Stephens)…

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RT @insteconomics: China’s AD/CVD investigation into Australian wine imports reflects what they have learned from the anti-dumping methodol…

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latrobenews The Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill is now before Parliament. Extending powers to detain people who pose a risk…uK

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SincDavidson Detention without trial.…

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