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MelMitchell1 I’m honored and thrilled to receive this award from @necsi. The award is named for the brilliant polymath…1s

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RT @OzraeliAvi: #BREAKING: Hongkongers have hit the streets in defiance of China’s new ‘security law’.

They are refusing to give up.


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Is this the Trump theory of government or… you know, not even (and what if they’re bringing gifts?).

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jeff_kennett This virus can be managed without destroying the economy, without turning our police force into door knockers,…gT

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“It’s perhaps not as strange as it seems that a lifelong environmentalist, progressive, and climate activist felt…qJ

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RIP. Still, the linked article’s claim about “AU’s anti-communist foreign policy” rather misses Harries’ most…Uo

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@samirvarma @FinancialTimes Sometimes feel I could do with a few more neutrons myself. But..ce

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SamKSS Banning vaping…
How can this man call himself the Health Minister?…

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@dikenson Agreed! “Scapegoating” the WTO seems to be backwash from attacks on globalisation and global supply…qj

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“Let us now praise famous men”… um, persons. Isador Rabi, a Nobel Laurate whose name we all *should* know, but…PM

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An illuminating paper in JWT fm Jim Baccus and @snlester.They assess US complaints on the use of precedent by the…kF

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It’s difficult to credit these claims by Morrison about the ‘crisis’ of cybersecurity attacks. Where is the…Hg

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@j_laurenceson @snlester @JDWilson08 There’s a reason it’s “secretive “: it’s also arbitrary. “National interest”…S9

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pwafork This is so depressing. @nytimes now an active combatant in the war against ideas.…

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@puiwingtam I didn’t cancel my sub. to the increasingly purile @nytimes when you fired your own editors for…nD

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Every policy is an experiment. Cripps et al paper ends with a warning that regulators persistently fail to heed: “…KM

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@Adam_Creighton reports strong criticism of regulators’ failure to evaluate wildly inaccurate epidemic models (…OJ

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New @DanielAndrewsMP restrictions are unconscionable nonsense. ‘Distancing’ was imposed to ‘flatten the curve’, ‘…rP

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“Humanities students are the new cash cows”: substituting for falling international student numbers in AU…Ff

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@RMITBusRes Very much over the “we have a public emergency: trust us!” line from Morrison, ‘expert’ govt.…nu

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CISOZ The 12-Week Window: Coronavirus crisis Australia didn’t have to have

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@UniSuperNews @ChantWest UniSuper services are sub-standard. Website unresponsive & incomplete, call-centre out…Se

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So much for the “liberal democratic” management of the pandemic that Marise Payne touts. With no basis in…GJ

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Adam_Creighton “Why trust the experts to forecast the climate decades into the future when they were so wrong about a disease…3j

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@scottlincicome @bobdavis187 @Lingling_Wei Supports reporting that senior CHN officials prefer 4 more years of…wx

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