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“The cynic or the screwball? Shall we go to the bad place or the crazy place…” Peggy Noonan is always…EX

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victomato 2016, ya’ll.

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@D_A_Irwin Look forward to reading your conclusion either way. I wd say Brexit is a social choice (w/ econ consequences), not trade policy.

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Seems @D_A_Irwin’s new history of US trade policy concludes optimistically: “The End of Trade Policy?” If only……xC

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The status of UK’s WTO obligations is a somewhat theological question. I’m attracted to this de-mystified…

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Despite current revisionism, CHN has repudiated Maoist attacks on bourgeois values more explicitly than the West has repudiated its own.

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McCloskey identifies (historic) fundamental values of capitalism. No reason to doubt they are shared in CHN,…

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Can states w/ different ‘values’ (AU-CHN) achieve econ integration? Maybe; official ‘values’ don’t matter that…

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Would have guessed Zuckerberg (of all people) knew innovation doesn’t come out of big funds. What’s the real goal?…

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insteconomics Multi-gigabit, low cost and easier to deploy than fibre. Your NBN killer might be here…

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Every good deed punished. Twice in 20th C, UK gave ’000k lives + much of its global wealth to save Europe fm…

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is not the agreement we were looking for. But it will do good. And needs must (in AU, too).…

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D_A_Irwin My letter on the trilemma and Milton Friedman @TheEconomist: Letters to the editor via @TheEconomist

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@dikenson @snlester Does conceding ISDS boost MNE FDI in low-income ctrys? AFAIK there’s no evidence. Legal complexity with low returns.

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Articulate defence of disruptive Trump. Still, known-bad means will never secure good…

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Great Stagnation analysis (like this from Fed Reserve) rely too much on superficial impressions of tech…

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dikenson Should Free Traders Support the ?…

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snlester Does ISDS let MNCs undermine sovereignty of world’s poorest countries? Coming soon from the WaPo In Theory blog.…

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insteconomics David Uren writes up my forthcoming Cato Institute paper on The G20 and Global Governance…

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Trade negotiations are discovery. When it finally takes shape, original design may be useless or wrong. Sometimes you need to start again.

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Meh! Show me a trade negotiation that hasn’t “failed” at some point and I’ll show you one that probably should have.…

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DARPA will fund “explainable artificial intelligence”: AI that explains how it learns. A kind of self-awareness?…

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Cost of barring CHN FDI in AUSGRID: “New investment and technology transfer from the biggest utility in the world…”…NP

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@JPTrachtman @rodrikdani @JosephEStiglitz @snlester mostly agree. Still “prem. de-indust’n” may be a thing. DR a smart/naive contrarian.

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In 1990s I helped Vic dairy farmers pull-down national regult’d milk-price. $bn quota buy-outs. Never let govt. back into dairy pricing!

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