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Will “Models Run the World”? To the extent this is about more than software structures — any algorithm implies a…ywp

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‘“Censorship is a very dangerous thing & absolutely impossible to police,” [Mr Trump] continued. “Let everybody…Nr

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Go tell the Spartans… “The 19th AU and 6th NZ were to hold the [Thermopylae] passes as long as possible,…8v

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Long, interesting report about the evolution of theory, from one side of the (venemous) dispute over the…3o

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Perhaps the ban on Tencent’s game is due to a “Pooh Bear” problem… I can see how that ugly beast might sort of…kO

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“Far from “falling off a cliff”, WTO terms are designed to provide a safety net ensuring all members can trade…Al

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My 2009 video intro. to the old UNCTAD static model of world agricultural trade (ATPSM). The elaborate Doha ag.…UQ

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stewartbrand Roundup (glyphosate) and cancer: the DATA……

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@patrickc @danwwang Interesting read, but real output of US mfg is NEAR RECORD levels using less labor. I.E.…09

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Is USTR Lighthizer re-fighting the battles of the 1980’s (…)? Interesting to compare with…d4

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Hmm.. I don’t think so. Any economist who tells you “the average cost of a lost import is [only] roughly half the…1A

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@insteconomics Correctly argues L is re-fighting the 1980s “war” on JPN (“super 301” and “retaliatory” trade bills)…4q

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insteconomics Warwick McKibbin and Bruce Preston argue “it is time to review the monetary policy framework in Australia”…Ff

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tictoc .03% of ocean plastic comes from straws. 46% comes from fishing nets via @bopinion

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@EdwinVermulst @howserob Sure. The factors that I mentioned are known to affect the market price by influencing…Fy

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@howserob @EdwinVermulst Kinda. Elasticities are a point estimate of price effects on demand: they explain…cf

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snlester Another way would be to negotiate a trade agreement with China, as Australia and New Zealand have…gP

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“Cancer Progress: Much More Than You Wanted To Know”. Concludes real progress—not due merely to better screening—…0eiW

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“Its valuation is on par with the gross domestic product of Indonesia, the 16th-largest economy in the world.…XR

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Hey Siri, what is the date today.?
“Thursday 2 August”.
Hey Siri, what is the date next Monday.
“Monday 13…3G

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Agree with @insteconomics that the AU FIRB “nat’l interest test” is too broad (& unnecessary) + that nat’l…1e

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@SJRickard @CopetainPU Surprise! The same-ol’ rent-seekers in the NZL lamb+beef industry orgs pretending to run…Qi

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Peter Theil on US-CHN trade & historical expectations. Difference is the US current account deficit (~2.5% of GDP)…35

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Interesting question from @robinhanson about”monopoly” benefits of backroom IT for the largest, most successful…FT

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henrysgao The most important issue now is not to ponder whether it was a mistake to let China in, but to use WTO rules to…JW

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