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April 17th, 2012

@SincDavidson @AlexHawkeMP Ah… But supposing he’s right…is the house safe from greenish cigarette packs? The Samsung TV? The dog??

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@SincDavidson @AlexHawkeMP Absolutely… There’s no natural property in IP, as I’m sure you know :-). Isn’t Canberra generous? And handsome?

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@AlexHawkeMP @SincDavidson Bzzzt..wrong! Trademarks are legislated property and commensible only if they offer a surplus to the community.

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Paul Erdös, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, also loved Bennies

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JuliaAngwin Want to scan your apps? Encrypt your chats? Check out winning projects from the Data Transparency Weekend

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Brin right to ping Apple values: stuff might be uglier w/out Apple but Google info apps (or substitutes) indispensable

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