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April 2018

snlester This is a big test for whether governments believe in the rule of law.…

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alan_john_moran Leyonhjelm guest post. Dumping on industry. Anti-dumping always harms the nation imposing them by forcing up…Lq

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A sharp clash between CHN & USA in this week’s WTO Mkt Access Cttee. over the FCCs proposal (…Ij

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Annual @ozprodcom report shows 20% real YOY increase in gross industry assistance, almost all due to…Mi

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JAHillmanGULaw Honored to testify before INTA at EU Parliment. Urged big, bold EU-US-Japan case on China at the WTO and taking…cF

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@tylercowen says (…) foreign policy is “the most important topic for the U.S., in terms of…zw

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PeterDraper5 A useful Nicolas Lardy corrective to the dominant narrative about China: China: Forced Technology Transfer and…HM

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@kw_watson In practice, if you want an RTA with the EU you have to deal with GIs. CAN’s CETA model shows one way…UO

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@snlester The ideal trade office has beds. The less done the better.

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ClimateAudit The “White House assessment” - not “intelligence community assessment” is online here….…jZ

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“We find that since 2012, our estimate of Chinese GDP growth was never appreciably lower, and was in many years…s9

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@snlester posts a nice discussion of the allocative effects of liberalization […] Still,…zo

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Not their main point, I guess, but the authors seem to find no fault with CHN policies of which the USA complains…wL

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WorldTradeLaw Thoughts on Trump’s Trade Remarks from Today

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What should USA do about CHN IP and ICT/Services access? Tariff threats are a “Southern Wall” solution (…eE

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On blockchain-conracts: “It’s not trustless, you’re trusting in the software (and your ability to defend yourself…30

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“This is a moderate, temperate, proportional approach… This is not a trade war… All we’re trying to do is to…jJ

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Brad_Setser and of course the US cannot easily go from $50b to $150b either - broadening much beyond the current list would…Cg

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Will this remain ‘jaw-jaw’ rather than “war-war’ (Churchill)? ‘Tho casually evoked, actual trade-war has been…zZ

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Brad_Setser Think discussion of trade would benefit from more attention to the impact of the dollar’s 2014-15 appreciation on…qD

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Imagine a typical outcome: the S-R trade impacts of a USA/CHN scrap are marginal but visible while L-R -ve…Bi

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Either a quota or a VRA would be a prima-facie violation of Art. XI.1 of GATT, would it not? RTAs are not a…ly

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GTPAlliance In a deal to revise the FTA, Korea gave two concessions in exchange for being exempted from President Trump’…aX

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