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January 2019

SoberLook Massive rally in iron ore since the Vale disaster (…) -

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Imagine, instead, Brussels sets the tariff/quota/quarantine/IP barriers & visa rules instead of Canberra. Feeling…c2

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@dikenson Find this hard to fathom. Constitution gives Cong the exclusive power to tax, but it can’t enforce that…oH

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TheIPA The ‘Canberra Swamp’ costs Australia $8bn a year, according to IPA research:…

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PrudentiaMag “Econometrics, understood as regression analysis with null hypothesis significance testing in the absence of a…Bk

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E-commerce (also investment, competition) was knocked off WTO’s agenda at 2003 Cancun meeting to try to save Doha…ZE

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Wonderful! On the eve of Australia day, news of the discovery of the grave of the brilliant navigator who named…Uc

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This is FAO apparent consumption data. Since global trade works well & prices competitive, it’s really DEMAND p/…sr

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@sdonnan Nope. It’s the age of fact-free hand-wringing and davos-whistling.

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Australia, too. “The biggest losers [from a US-CHN ‘cold war’] are likely to be nations which wish to keep strong…Yi

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SixthTone China’s annual Spring Festival travel rush, also known as “chunyun,” begins on Jan. 21st this year. Nearly 3…SY

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Feenstra et al tell a more complete… RT @paulwsj: After WTO entry, China became the…8K

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BaldwinRE _icymi
New economic evidence on what a wall would do @voxeu
Border walls
| @cepr_org
VOX, CEPR Policy Portal…

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engadget AI is better at bluffing than professional gamblers

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True! Still, tariff avgs are a poor guide to openness. E.g. AU & NZ protection also includes geo- & phyto-…Rq

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paulkrugman If they’d thrown May a few crumbs, today might have looked very different. The arrogance of the EC, completely…cc

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In ’s brief history, the injured, unimaginative response from Bxl puzzled me most. If a wealthy partner…ZB

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JoshuaPMeltzer Great piece by @scottlincicome on the arguments for and against the impact of China accession and growth in…J0

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GeorgeMRiddell Interesting take on recent China data.…

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Must be troops moving up to the front in that Tech Trade-War between USA & CHN “Apple buys 50 business class…WY

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USA’s WTO disputes with Canada, China, the European Union, Mexico, Russia and, this week, Turkey on their…Z2

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@snlester I was at those Hearings. Spent a little time with Sue Schwab (Danforth’s staff) and Geoff Lang (Sen…PY

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@snlester Sounds, too, like the Danforth (1982) “trade reciprocity” legislation intended (?) to stiffen the WH.…ix

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@WorldTradeLaw The BNA ITR used to be a standard reference. In places I worked (Washington, Geneva, Brussels) we…Gk

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@HenryErgas finds some support for the Wall in Kant & Hannah Arendt::…

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A beautiful book recreated (be sure to read the “About” link)::

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Apple issues its first earnings downgrade warning in 16…

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@chip_roh Maybe the deal here is a Belt, Road and Wall Initiative. “BRIW” (pron: “brew”) Sorta “jingle-ready”, don’t you think?

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SincDavidson No-deal Brexit won’t hurt UK…

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AstroKatie Whatever else happens, the new year will bring us all 3.5 billion kilometers closer to our cosmic friends in the…s0

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