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October 2020

P Credelin “Without this [reopening of x-examination] the Coate inquiry’s final report won’t be worth the paper it’…ct

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@CatoCMFA @GeorgeSelgin Sure: all this. But it buries the lede. The Gold Std was important b/c it helped (for…qk

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This looks like a major advance in longevity studies. A methylation ‘clock’ based on brain tissue. “We identified…jH

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@ggreenwald resigns from The Intercept (that he founded with Laura Poitras) over editors’ refusal to print an…Ik

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evmulholland When there are 7 cases in NSW, no one really cares because the people trust the government to get on top of…qK

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robinhanson Many people find satisfaction & meaning from having a clear villain in their worldview. Not just a group, but a…Pn

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VoidSurf1 We can’t understand the present if we don’t understand the past.

This thread will show you the history of death…Mp

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“[W]e’re getting five years of adoption in a few quarters, and five years of inevitability in the back of the neck……tY

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T. McCrann on the hypocritical smearing of AusPost CEO Holgate by prodigiously wasteful politicians & uncurious…DP

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The Victorian govt.’s ‘Australia Day Ambassador’ (and ‘Advocate for Immigrant Women’) resigns her post over…Cz

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@BaldingsWorld says he’s “profoundly worried” about the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden finance-business connections to…qE

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RT @trussliz: Arrived at Embassy in Tokyo

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mattwridley If I had argued in 1970 that the world population would double by 2020 but famine would be almost wholly…om

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The policewoman is wrong. Victorians DO have the right to protest subject to the Health Dept’s other (objectionable…

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Yet another VIC outbreak linked to government bungling: “[E]ach member of the family had a different case manager,…PM

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Adam_Creighton In the league table of government waste, $12k on Cartier watches is pretty low down the list.

Politicians and…jM

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snlester @greg_ip More broadly, the biggest success in getting China to liberalize was its WTO accession. Nothing that…X3

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scottlincicome This is wrong. All of my articles shld be RT’d without pause.…

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@scottlincicome I don’t need a Twitter-nanny (named “Jack”!?) to remind me never to retweet your articles without reading them first.

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Pakula makes the *same* foolish decision twice in a row! Neither his (? Andrews’ more likely) go-ahead for a…Tu

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Indeed! And thanks to the information benefits of advertising. It’s only valuable to Google and Apple because it’…hJ

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@DanielAndrewsMP is allowing 1,250 people to attend the Cox Plate horse race on…S8

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“The blood glucose level testing devices used in COVID-19 accommodation before 20 August were intended for use by…Wn

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j_laurenceson On Chinese trade measures taken against Australia, there’s a number of nuggets in this @John_Durie piece,…kK

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“The Great Lockdown of 2020 illustrates how easily we can be spooked into a kind of health fascism, where basic…ZQ

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@caseybmulligan Lots of great names on this list. It’s mostly unsurprising. Still, “Uncle Joe” Stiglitz’ support…0c

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“An Analysis of Vice President Biden’s Economic Agenda: The Long Run Impacts of Its Regulation, Taxes, and…Up

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ggreenwald Does it matter if the Hunter Biden emails are, you know, true? If they’re not true - forgeries - why hasn’t…vH

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Aren’t you fed up with media articles titled “Here’s what you need to know about…x”? As if you’d ask an effing…i0

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@scottlincicome He should be careful what he wishes for (in either case).

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The DC/EP project plausibly has prior social & financial information/control objectives that are of much greater…qN

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JoshFrydenberg Victorians comprise 26% of Aust’s population but now make up 40% of Aust’s effectively unemployed. Victorians…RN

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alan_john_moran NO PROTESTING: Woman fined $1,652 for walking ALONE carrying a sign opposing Victoria Premier. Protesting against…Td

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@MargRev TC at his most confused. He seems to have forgotten that support for personal agency is the core value…I9

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SincDavidson Why aren’t ordinary Australians allowed out of the country?…

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RT @peter_tulip: As always, @insteconomics has a more thoughtful assessment of the speech.

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FinancialReview A High Court challenge to the validity of the Victorian ’ government’s lockdown has been fast-tracked for an…lO

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@scottlincicome Agree: L.’s well-known antipathy to WTO & for. competition have had the expected poor results. I…EI

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RIP Sam Brittan. A witty & serious critic of progressive slop in media, a vivid defender of liberal ideals &…qn

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“Too much we’re not being told about Victoria’s hotel quarantine fiasco”…

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Fmr. Head of D. Andrews’ Department (C. Eccles) considered COVID lockdown powers a “licence to shape the economy,…TO

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AlanTudgeMP NSW has 13 new cases, 7 community.

NSW close to normal. Announces 500 people at music events, more people at…Hu

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johanknorberg Between 40 and 50% of US companies say China’s intellectual property protection improved last year – every year.…MTnr

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SkyNewsAust Liberal MP @TimWilsonMP says “lockdowns are built on arrogance” and the only pathway out of lockdown for Victoria…NC

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evmulholland Under the Westminster system, ministers and the premier are ultimately responsible and accountable for the…Qc

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@JDMayger I guess you’re clear of COVID, influenza, tooth-ache, headache… everything except boredom and offical abuse.

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@alan_john_moran @newscomauHQ This is insanity. They are far exceeding their mandate and knowledge. Here, for…dI

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“Twitter Slows Down Retweets Ahead of U.S. Election
Social-media company to… make it harder for certain content…l4EU

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“Business leaders unite to blast Andrews government coronavirus ‘incompetence’” Andrews’ obsession with fanciful ‘…36

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alan_john_moran Brilliant piece on the strengths and frailties of science and peer review. Covid-19 has reminded us that…2C

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“The scariest thing about microtargeted ads is that they just don’t work.” Here’s a scarier fact: the digital…x0

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Argues political leaders in Australia, especially, need to be more transparent, precise, about which ‘threats’…GG

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Ok Scott Morrison where the bloody hell *are* you while our Federation is torn to shreds!? Why haven’t you taken…T3

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jeff_kennett I see a news report saying I have launched an ” extraordinary attack on Daniel Andrews demanding he resign over…Rv

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QuantaMagazine The 2020 in Physics has been awarded to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez.…

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Some 2000 top public health scientists, epidemiologisets & medical practitioners call for the common sense that…S6

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scottlincicome This new @nberpubs paper is seriously great (and shld be a victory lap for @dikenson, who’s been complaining for…8o

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“The Scandinavian nation deserves enduring credit from reasonable people everywhere for resisting the destructive…ii

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Despite unprecedented (COVID-19) fall in anthro. CO2 in first half 2020, atmospheric CO2 *rose* following the…wy

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Even hypocrites can be right. That’s what makes them hypocrites. A TIK-TOK ban wd be dumb & possibly inconsistent…cL

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Yet local “dog parks” are full of people and their pets every afternoon!

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RT @insteconomics: Peter Tulip’s farewell speech to the RBA, released under FOI, is a scathing assessment of the state of Australian moneta…

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BeschlossDC After one of his final severe heart attacks, ex-President Eisenhower gets a visit from President Johnson in the…Gc

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jkalbrechtsen Why hasn’t the Morrison government launched a constitutional challenge? This matters. There is zero leadership,…Hx

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The story here is that Amazon (1.4m workers) has had fewer than 20k “COVID” cases (confirmed?) and 10 deaths! That’…1L

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“Most Board members are not equipped to seriously challenge — let alone disagree with — the Governor. When the…YEI3

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@WorldTradeLaw Not in Australia. The legislation was based on untested assumptions. No surprise it did not work;…4d

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RT @insteconomics: FIRB being used to inhibit competition in the market for ownership and control of equity capital

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