Twenty-five million Americans read poetry

Sounds like a good thing, but few­er than half of all Amer­i­can adults read ‘lit­er­a­ture’ “accord­ing to“ the US Nation­al Endow­ment for the Arts; down 20 mil­ion (10 per­cent) in 20 years. bq. A “light” read­er reads one to five books a year of any sort, includ­ing books that fall out­side the def­i­n­i­tion of lit­er­a­ture, for instance, “My Life” by Bill Clin­ton (which at 1,005 pages would count as four books). “Fre­quent” read­ers con­sume 12 to 49 books, and “avid” read­ers (4√àf the sam­ple) more than 50 a year. (“WSJ”:

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