Unlikely data

I don’t see any need to know these things:

  • If the US Fed­er­al debt of $8 tril­lion or so were paid in dol­lar bills the height of the pile would reach to the moon four times. One mil­lion, five hun­dred and twen­ty four thou­sand kilometres. 

  • The num­ber of mod­ern Homo Sapi­ens believed ever to have lived: about 15 times the cur­rent world pop­u­la­tion: one hun­dred sev­en bil­lion peo­ple. Almost all of them now blow­ing in the wind (7,452,000,000 tonnes of dust and water).

  • The coun­try with the old­est medi­an age? Not Japan but Mona­co (about 46 years). The medi­an of medi­ans is 28 years, but skew­ness is com­mon when you’re tiny. 

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