US Presidential Candidates’ trade policies

No sur­prise that the pop­ulist is Mrs Clin­ton. Accord­ing to her advi­sor, Gary Gensler, Mrs Clin­ton wants to “… move for­ward with smart trade to make sure it works for Amer­i­cans”, what­ev­er that means. As Keven Has­slet (Mr McCain’s advi­sor) says, it does­n’t sound like Mrs Clin­ton wants top­ur­sue more open markets.

Is any vot­er still assured (or mis­led) by ‘cute’ slo­gans like ‘smart trade’? If you saw a sign in the super­mar­ket iden­ti­fy­ing ‘smart toma­toes’ would it make you buy? What would you think it meant? Or would it strike you as just anoth­er piece of mar­ket­ing babble?

Thanks to Simon Lester for draw­ing my atten­tion to this story.

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