Will GM foods seduce environmentalists?

Brave spec­u­la­tion in the “Atlantic Online(link to arti­cle by Johnathan Rauch)”:http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2003/10/rauch.htm bq. In ten years or less, most Amer­i­can envi­ron­men­tal­ists (Euro­pean ones are more dog­mat­ic) will regard genet­ic mod­i­fi­ca­tion as one of their most pow­er­ful tools … The poten­tial upside of genet­ic mod­i­fi­ca­tion is sim­ply too large to ignore—and there­fore envi­ron­men­tal­ists will not ignore it. Biotech­nol­o­gy will trans­form agri­cul­ture, and in doing so will trans­form Amer­i­can environmentalism.

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