WTO “framework” looks safe

It is like­ly that the “frame­work text”:http://www.inquit.com/article/284/edging-toward-a-wto-framework-agreement will attract ‘con­sen­sus’. No major par­tic­i­pant has indi­cat­ed that it will object to the most con­tentious sec­tion: “agriculture”:http://www.inquit.com/article/286/a‑guide-to-the-annex-on-agriculture. Of course, the Indi­an gov­ern­ment could decide to hold out to the last moment—as it did in Doha in 2001. bq. From India’s point of view, the draft on agri­cul­ture does not pro­vide the required bal­ance, fair­ness or equi­ty between the pro­vi­sions for the devel­oped coun­tries and those of devel­op­ing coun­trie (“Navhind Times”:http://www.navhindtimes.com/stories.php?part=news&Story_ID=07206) And we have still to hear from the ‘Group of 90’ African, Caribbean and Least Devel­oped coun­tries who stopped the nego­ti­a­tions cold in sun­ny Cancún.

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