WTO: The First Ten Years”

My book, com­mis­sioned by WTO for their 10th anniver­sary, is now avail­able from Cam­bridge Uni­ver­si­ty Press

From the blurb

This book was com­mis­sioned by the World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion (WTO) as a fac­tu­al account of the first decade of its exis­tence. It aims to cov­er the prin­ci­pal activ­i­ties of the WTO as the suc­ces­sor to GATT and the steps tak­en to estab­lish a glob­al trad­ing sys­tem. Peter Gal­lagher, the author, is an inde­pen­dent trade ana­lyst and con­sul­tant, who records what might be regard­ed as the WTO’s main achieve­ments as well as describ­ing the con­tro­ver­sies that have arisen in its first ten years. A use­ful ref­er­ence book for pol­i­cy mak­ers, jour­nal­ists, mem­bers of trade del­e­ga­tions and for every­one who requires a detailed under­stand­ing of the work­ings of the WTO.”

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