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Note: the last week of May when this curve becomes exponential is when evidence emerged that bungled Vic. Govt.…no

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Moving one word would make the title more accurate: “AI can write like an almost-human…”……

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“The task all along with Covid wasn’t to extinguish the virus… [but] to balance the health and economic risks,…sD1H

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@BobWolfeSPS @chip_roh Lamy (and Zoellick) thought it looked close in 2003, too. But that was an even worse call.…Dy

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You could make this stuff up, but only as a satire of stuff-ups. Abusive police, heedless civil servants,…aQ

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Google researchers use refined ML networks to reconstruct visually accurate ‘3-D’ models of public places from…Y1

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If it is “beyond doubt”, acc. to the Premier, that the government’s botched hotel-quarantine is responsible for…Vc

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SkyNewsAust Victorian Premier @DanielAndrewsMP has admitted the state’s second wave is “attributable to the hotel quarantine…CE

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alan_john_moran Governments shut down supply in economies and thought the stimuluses would counteract this. It never does. We are…0H

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” …we don’t have to be taught how to [make analogies] by explicitly being shown analogies in the way I had to show GPT-3” @MelMitchell1

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Good interview with @BillGates about his optimism for vaccines (& Trump on vaccines), administrative stuff-ups,…7t

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The real benefits for US firms and investors (also CHN consumers) of commerce with CHN will, I hope, stymie US…wz

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manyapan The US sanctions on WeChat cause concern on Weibo, where “Apple or Wechat?” is trending; assuming that iOS…l3

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One way science grows stronger: “Ten takeaways from ten years at Retraction Watch” It’s reassuring there’s no…bP

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j_g_allen If you’re not outraged we don’t have these rapid tests yet, you’re not paying attention.

at home…GF

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SincDavidson Victorian government declares a state of disaster allowing the executive to overrule any Act of Parliament and…OZ

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KennedyCSIS “The public evidence that TikTok is a fundamental, and unique, threat to US security is simply not there.”…

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Adam_Creighton Shameful what’s occurring in Victoria.
Effective dictatorship declared.
Devastating, destructive power of the…MK

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evmulholland If you think it was crook that Morrison cancelled Parliament you should also believe that it is outrageous that…37

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What is it in law that gives D Andrews the right to trample on our rights of assembly, association and movement…CE

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pwafork Everything else aside it’s pretty nuts that Victoria can suspend its parliament leaving Dan Andrews to decide…Ki

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Then there’s electric vehicles. Lucid (said to be Tesla’s strongest competitor) has designed a car with a camera…mO

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What about national security issues posed by CHN’s OTHER sneaky cultural intrusions into the West? Lip-sync is…F3

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