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JustinWolfers Countries with a larger share of the population fully vaccinated than Australia: Albania, Argentina, Austria,…vL

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RT @TimSmithMP: So from tomorrow Victorians can visit a brothel but not their parents… !?

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What we could have spent (still could spend) money on instead of pitiful, wasteful doles to recompense the…px

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Adam_Creighton “Lockdown will ‘lift’ at midnight but severe restrictions will remain on individuals and businesses.

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@samirvarma So it starts with a Big Puff rather than a Big Bang?

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Also, appalling orthography (why am I not surprised?).…

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Victoria’s current ‘extended lockdown’ prompted by ‘cases’ predominantly affecting people < 40yrs who may get ill…jd

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SincDavidson Wonder if he has told this to the Labor premiers who are closing borders or High Court judges who won’t enforce…8f

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@FXMC1957 The AU Embassy in BXL holds an ANZAC day dawn service at Zonnenbeke and afterwards joins the Mayor of…ij

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A “year or two’s” productivity (biology) in a few hours thanks to DeepMind’s protein-structure…

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“Do Lockdowns Work?” The case ‘for’ is terrible: nearly always ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’. Then the internat’l…2u

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RT @_stah: Look at England’s antibody prevalence curve. This is where we are headed. Everyone gets antibodies.

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D_A_Irwin Here is my salute to the 30th anniversary of the July 1991 reforms that took down the License Raj and opened India’…mu

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The 1990 “Whole Genome” project led to wonders at every level of biology, medicine eg safe, effective…pG

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@foundmyfitness “Replication is needed in other cohorts to validate this FA fingerprint as a predictor of…0x

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The Grampians: a small album of recent images from the National Park.


@snlester This ‘besties’ stuff is juvenile. It offers nothing to either the USA nor AU. It may irritate CHN (do…TD

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Of course you already know this stuff (P-values!), but… such a clear restatement of the basics of hypothesis…WC5E

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SincDavidson How is preventing people from returning to their own homes from another part of Australia legal or constitutional?

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Why does Jeff Bezos spend ~$1bn a year on @blueorigin? He’s a briliant entrepreneur, so maybe his bet will pay off……q5

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TimSmithMP The Andrews Labor govt spent $15 million of taxpayers money, 3 times the cost of the Coate Inquiry itself, to…Au

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@insteconomics And they would differ in this from the USA (the primary wrecker of the AB) how? A matter of degree…

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DickKingSmith Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.” - Aristotle (384 BC- 322 BC).

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Germany’s ‘flood disaster’ in reality a government disaster::…

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SincDavidson There is no evidence that Australia has worked together during Covid. To the contrary our federation has…a2

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