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August 2012

My first e-book now on the iBooks store :: an illustrated, narrated Canto One of Byron’s comic epic, Don Juan.

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@kylecassidy @trillianstars Depends on sales :-) Illustrated audio-books are hard to make. Recording Canto II soon. See

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@kylecassidy @trillianstars Delighted you like the Don Juan project. Canto One in the iBooks store next month, Peter @MadBadDangerous

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In the Bazaar, “quality happens only if somebody has the responsibility for it” HT:@uxproductivity

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@mailmateapp Yep, rubbish. I chose PostBox, too. Found the MM interface cluttered (altho liked functionality+) and import processing slow.

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@chrisberg “Putting Curiosity on Mars cost little more than Victoria’s myki ticketing system”

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I like 5/6 of this list too. Stupid to call energy consumption a ‘bad’. Better 2 have a uniform federal consumption tax

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Invite-only expert seminar @ Melb Uni on Trans Pacific Partnership. Texts are ‘secret’ so papers mostly Kremlinology. The juju mostly bad.

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@TonyBarry @jameswpaterson @SincDavidson +1 Import taxes (barriers) like un-costed quarantine bans (bananas) first!

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If Cameron had brain instead of bluster he could serve on the PC for a while. Learn how lame his slurs and slogans

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