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June 4th, 2015

Milanovic again on FIFA & global governance. Interesting debate on franchise, but institutions don’t work like that::

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Warren Meyer unriddles trade’s place in the economy “The World’s Most Misunderstood Accounting Identity”::

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@alanbeattie @snlester semi-plausible mashup; ‘brave’ guesses at gains; not much in promised ideas on ISDS. Glad @iccwbo sticks by @wto deal

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RT @snlester: Awesome piece by @edwardalden on how some trade critics don’t know what they are criticizing!

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@alanbeattie @snlester 2015 projections seem to use same methods as 2013 (Bali) report fm PIE applied to a reconfigured @wto “Grand Bargain”

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@alanbeattie @snlester My error (bad link on the @iccwbo website). Corrected link is

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